Friday, October 30, 2009

Zoo with The Maucks

The San Diego Zoo

Jill, Matt, and Tyson Mauck, our friends in Denver, came to visit us this weekend. We spent today at the San Diego Zoo. Even Kevin took some time off work to join us. While it was fun taking Kaden to the zoo for the first time, the real fun was watching Tyson; he is three and was amazed by everything we saw. I haven't spent much time around kids, but if Tyson isn't one of the best kids ever then I don't know who is. He is not one bit shy around us and has all kinds of stories to tell, a very verbal little boy. He is also very strong willed - his mom and dad gave him a map of the zoo and he insisted on being the leader of the group. Also very thoughtful, he asked everyone what their favorite animals were and made sure we saw them. An unexpected favorite of the group was the polar bear who was having the time of his life with a giant ball. Jill got a great photo so hopefully she will pass it on and I can post it. We also liked the gorillas, elephants, and large flock of pink flamingos.

Kaden and Dad by the elephants.

Jill and Tyson on the aerial tram that traveled over the zoo.

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