Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thirteen Months

These monthly photo shoots are becoming more and more difficult. This photo took five different attempts and he is still looking at me like I'm making his life miserable. I can't wait until I can bribe him with something to keep him still! A first for this month - the photo shoot was moved to the floor rather than my bed (hence the glimpse of carpet at the top of the photo). Clearly I will not be joining the ranks of award winning photographers any time soon.

The first attempt at our photo shoot was cut short by the gardeners. Fridays mornings are one of Kaden's favorite times of the week because he gets to watch the landscapers do their work. His ears perk up as soon as he hears the hum of weed-eater or the roar of the lawn mower. His favorite spot to watch all the cutting and trimming is our bedroom window...on his tiptoes.

Our little guy is into everything (didn't I write that last month, too?). When he isn't pleading to go outside, his favorite place to play is the kitchen. He can keep himself occupied for quite some time by opening and closing the kitchen cabinets, removing all the tupperware and scattering it across the kitchen floor, and, as shown in these shots, hiding amongst the toaster, rice cooker and mixing bowls.

Being outdoors is Kaden's favorite way to spend the day. Thank goodness we live somewhere he can be outside pretty much 365 days out of the year! He is a mover and a shaker and does not like being cooped up inside. This is a great thing...but, also a dirty thing. On this particular day, I think we had two baths and four "costume changes." There is no telling what will interest Kaden on any given day - in the photos below, it was the garden hose, specifically the nozzle. He seemed to think it was in some way related to the car's wheels.

My little gardener.

The sun finally came out in September and we had some hot summer-like days! Rather than trekking Kaden to and from the beach (and dealing with all of the inevitable sand), I filled up the inflatable pool and let Kaden splash away. He had fun for a while, but it didn't last for too long. He's no fool...it really isn't a substitute for the seashore.

Watching the airplanes flying overhead.

After assembling his new water table, Kaden checked our work. He is very interested in how things work and how things are put together. In this case, he wasn't too impressed - it leaked pretty badly.

Leak or no leak, he loves it!

Dining Al fresco with good buddy, Brooke.
The Face
This is Kaden's newest face - I know it is a scowl, but it is super cute, no? He was making "the face" often enough for me to try and figure out why and this is what I have come up with...there is no rhyme or reason to it. Most of the time, he makes the face at me and when I say, "Don't you scowl at Mommy!" he breaks into a giggle fit. He also makes it in response to certain strangers he doesn't like the look of (and then gives them his megawatt smile), things he can't figure out, food he is not fond of, requests that he does not want to abide by, naked bathtime photo shoots...

Other Updates:
Walking: Kaden is still trying to walk on his own. He practices every chance he gets by cruising the walls and couch, or pushing any moveable object. This results in finding chairs and bar stools all about the house. It is always funny to see a lone bar stool hanging out in the hallway. As every parent does, Kevin and I have speculated as to what Kaden will do when he grows up. This month, we've learned that he is interested in gardening, moving furniture, and engineering.

Talking: Kaden has added two words, and two sounds to his repertoire. His words are "dis = this" and "dat = that" and he uses them liberally. Everything is either a this or a that and, more often than not, they are voiced as though they are questions...dis?...dat? These two words have led Kevin and me to identify absolutely everything. Dis (said pointing to a book)? Yes, Kaden, that is your book. And then immediately after, Dat (while pointing again to his book)? Yes, Kaden, that is your book. I think we repeat the same sentences hundreds of times a day. While Kaden's vocabulary improves, mine, slowly yet steadily, declines.

The first of Kaden's new sounds was discovered quite by accident and caused me to fly into a panic. Why? Well, this favorite sound is a sudden gasp quite akin to the sound of one choking on something. I think my initial reaction is why he persists. Kaden's second new sound was picked up from one of his many books, "Where's Spot?" In this adventure, the reader and Spot's mother, Sally, are looking throughout the house for Spot because he hasn't finished his supper. Under the yellow stairs, the reader and Sally find a lion and, if the reader is Kaden, he roars. Now, whenever he sees a picture of a lion, which is pretty often around our house, Kaden lets out a not so fierce, yet no less fabulous, roar.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Golf Anyone?

Yes, those are Kaden's golf clubs in his crib with him. Not the real clubs that his father purchased as soon as he found out that we were expecting a baby - that's right, Kaden has a real set of golf clubs, bag and all - but some plastic play clubs purchased for him by a friend. While not in use, the clubs stay in Kaden's room and lean up against his crib. When Kevin and I were in Santa Barbara, and my mom was watching Kaden, she came in to get him after his nap and saw that he had pulled not one, but both clubs into his crib with him. Sleeping with his golf clubs? The obsession lives on...he is his father's son.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Visit From Gammi

We just had the most wonderful visit from Gammi Kosh! She came out to help celebrate Kaden's birthday and stayed for another ten days. Kaden loved every second of her visit. When we first picked her up from the airport, and she got in the back seat of the car with Kaden, he kept trying to touch her face to see if she was really there. I guess after Skyping every night, he thinks she lives in the computer! Gammi and Kaden had the best time together - they went to the Wild Animal Park, the playground, lots of walks, the mall, and over to the Grant's for a long lunch. Meanwhile, during a lot of this, Kevin and I took our first trip without Kaden. With Gammi in charge, we drove up to Santa Barbara to celebrate out 3rd wedding anniversary. It meant the world to us to know that Kaden was in the hands of someone who loved him as much as we did, and we were really able to relax. THANKS GAMMI!

Since Gammi has left, I've noticed that Kaden knows a lot of new tricks. It is amazing how much he learns when he is with her. We've teased that it is Gammi Boot Camp, but I have to believe a lot of it comes from her constant interaction with him and her incredible talent as an educator. When I think about it, almost all of Kaden's major milestones have started after spending time with Gammi. We'll have to move her out here when it comes time for college prep!

Gammi's visit made us realize just how difficult it is to be so far away from family, but it also gave us a greater appreciation for our time with them. When you see someone every day, it is easy to take them for granted; when you only get a few weeks with them a year, you cherish every second. We love you so much, Mom!