Sunday, September 30, 2012

Milestones - Warning, Gross Photos In This Post


Kaden is potty trained!  He began peeing in the potty in early July but insisted that I put a diaper on every time he had to poo.  Then, finally, the day before we left Ocean City he decided he would give it a try.  Since then, we've been accident free!  In celebration of his accomplishment, Kaden was allowed to pick out a toy of his choice.  He selected, Flynn the Fire Engine and seemed quite excited about his success and his selection!  We are super proud of him, and quite relieved as he had to be potty trained for preschool - whew, just in time!

Kaden made the move to a big boy bed!  His crib converted to a double bed (which is way too big for the room), so we got a mattress, some sheets, and some fun new decorations.  He loves all the free space his new bed provides, and spends a lot of time snuggled up "reading" with his "pals."  Surprisingly, he doesn't get out of bed without first calling for one of us.  Our big boy is now all decked out in a construction truck themed big boy bedroom!  

First a big boy bed, and soon thereafter our big boy gave up Paci!  We were on a trip to Palm Springs with the Mauck Family when, out of the blue, Kaden decided to give up Paci.  After telling us he was sad, and after us asking if he was sure, he fell peacefully to sleep and hasn't asked for Paci since.  

Kaden's first taste of Jello - which he loved!

Kaden's first trip to the movie theater (Finding Nemo 3D) - which he didn't like so we left after the previews.  I think it was a combination of being too loud and too dark.  Had we not taken this picture, we wouldn't have known he had his eyes closed the whole time!

Kaden's first Presidential Election - helping mom vote.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pirates and Mermaids

Kaden and best buddy, Brooke, combined forces this year and had a joint birthday party.  As Kaden is super into pirates, and Brooke has watched The Little Mermaid over a thousand times, we thought what could be better than a Pirate and Mermaid themed pool party.  The weather was great, lots of little friends came over to play, and the birthday boy and girl luxuriated in the party that was just for them!

It was a perfect day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Kaden started Preschool this year at the La Jolla Presbyterian Church Preschool.  We'd talked up this day all summer and by the time it finally arrived Kaden couldn't have been more excited.  His only disappointment...that he didn't get to ride a school bus.  He is so independent!

Kaden and his best friend, Brooke, getting ready to enter Mrs. Carroll's class for the first time.

So many new games and toys!

His very own "cubby"

Outdoor time

Kaden has adjusted beautifully to school.  This year he is going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-12.  And, every school day, he excitedly hops out of bed, cooperatively gets dressed, agreeably eats breakfast, and then waits for me ("the bus driver") by the door to take him to school.  He has made new friends, several art "masterpieces," and hopefully gained a lifetime love of learning.