Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Summer Visit From Gammi and Pop

Gammi and Pop surprised us with a visit to San Diego.  They spent their first week at the Montage Resort in Orange County and, of course, we took advantage of all the amenities.  We drove up two days to swim in their pool, play on their beach, and just have fun with Gammi and Pop.  

"Bellhop, please take these nuts to their room."

We couldn't get the little pool rat out of the water.

The weather was glorious, sunshine abounded and it was as warm as could be.  The only problem...we missed a couple spots with the sunscreen.

When we offered lunch with a Jello dessert, he gave in and took some time out of the water.

Bath time in the giant tub

A beach stroll with Pop

Back in La Jolla
Kaden pointing out the fixed termite spots to Gammi to make sure she didn't step on them. 
Spotting a fire engine at the supermarket is really the only reason to get groceries....oh, and smoothie samples, can't forget those.

Turning a box into a rocket ship - Gammi comes up with the best projects!

Pop letting Kaden do things that generally aren't allowed - riding in the front seat (through a car wash), and climbing to the roof.  No wonder Kaden thinks he's so great!

An outing to the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park to see Dinosaurs Alive!  Kaden was a little nervous about the life-sized moving dinosaurs, but Gammi carried him through.  He loved the trolley ride and naming all the dinosaurs for Pop.

Helping Gammi cook - these two make a great pair in the kitchen!


Saying good-bye was tough this time, but we know we'll see them in July when baby arrives!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Go Cards!

The Cardinals came to town and we were there to watch!  Kaden had a great time listening to his dad explain the ins and outs of the game.  He had an even better time taking in the tastes of the ballpark - popcorn, candy, a hot dog - he was in junk food heaven!