Saturday, July 27, 2013

Introducing Harrison Paul Flynn

Harrison Paul Flynn arrived with great speed on July 23rd.  I woke up at 1 a.m. and told Kevin I thought we should go to the hospital because I felt like something was going on.  Though Gammi tried to talk us into waiting until our doctor appointment at 8:30 a.m., we went anyway.  Good thing as Harrison arrived two hours later, at 3:14 a.m.  This labor was faster and more difficult that Kaden's.  Harrison wanted to come out arm first - this caused him to get stuck and flooded our delivery room with labor and delivery nurses and doctors.  The scariness subsided as fast as it had risen - they placed our new little bundle in our arms, we heard his sweet cries, and knew we were all safe.  During the pregnancy, we contemplated how we could ever love someone as much as we love Kaden.  The second we saw him, we realized that there is not a limited supply of love in one's heart.  With each child a couple is blessed with, their love grows exponentially.  We fell in love with Harrison the second we saw him.  

7.1 pounds - 18.75 inches

First visit with the doctor - First bath

Kaden meets his little brother
Because Harrison arrived in the early morning, Kaden was able to meet him a few short hours after he was born.  He walked in hesitantly, but broke out in a giant grin after seeing Harrison.  He was curious about all the hospital "stuff" and was curious as to why I didn't have a "pee box" like Natalie (her catheter container).  Mostly, he wanted to make sure I was alright.  Kaden brought his baby brother a little gift to welcome him to the family - a blue hippo just like K's monkey.  He said that every kid needs a wooby!  I'm not sure, but I think Kaden fell in love with Harrison as soon as he saw him too.  I anticipate that the adjustment will be a smooth one - check back in a few months to see if I'm right!

Mama and her boys

Gammi meets Harrison - Kaden thrilled at the construction outside the hospital window

First Family Photo

Kaden didn't want to let go of his new friend

Going home

Our new family of four

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Bucket List:

Several trips to Sea World

Even more trips to the library

Trying out a few new classes

Visiting with friends and family

Some road trip excursions


Picnics on the patio

Going out on the boat with Dad and Brian, and even catching a fish!

Doing some gardening

Watching fireworks on the Fourth of July

Celebrating 7/11 with first Slurpees

Morning walks

Swimming with Brookie

Camping out the Willoughby's

Building with Leggos - a new obsession

 Experimenting with Pinterest finds

 Playing at the Rec with friends

Movie matinees with Gammi


Getting face painted at Farmers Market

Learning new skills at camp

And anxiously awaiting the arrival of little brother!!