Monday, July 28, 2014

Ocean City Part 2

Family Time at the House
We had a few overcast days and spent them goofing off around the house.  Truth be told, the joy on my boys faces from simply spending time with Gammi, Pop, and Uncle Paul made these some of my favorite days!

First Miniature Golf Outing
One morning, before heading down to the beach, we went up to the boardwalk for a quick round of miniature golf.  While we didn't pick the most interesting course (actually, it was quite boring...from now on we'll stick to good old Goofy Golf), we had a fun time.  Kaden even hit a hole in one!  Our excitement was a little lost on him as it happened on one of the later holes and he was over the whole experience by then.  

Another overcast day, Pop took Kaden crabbing.  They had a successful outing and caught six (small) crabs.  Kaden loved pulling up the trap to see what we caught, but didn't really want to touch any of them...for fear of being pinched.  When we started catching hermit crabs, he got even more excited because he was brave enough to hold them!  

Beach Time
We had quite a few sunny days and, in classic Koshgerian style, we spent them sound up to sun down at the beach.  Good things the boys like the sand and sea as much as we do!  Harrison practiced his walking, ate a lot of sand, and stalked everyone who had a water ice.  Kaden had fun building drip castles, playing with new friends, and learning to "surf."  We enjoyed watching them enjoy.


The Big Boys Teaching K a thing or two:  
a surf lesson from Uncle Paul and a paddle ball game compliments of Uncle D


Picnics and Naps...Beachstyle

Bike Rides and The Arcade
Much like his uncles when they were boys, Kaden loved the arcade.  Every morning, he asked to go to the boardwalk to play a few games.  By the end of the week, he had accumulated enough tickets for a prize.  He chose a hand buzzer which didn't quite live up to his expectations.  No matter...he had fun earning it!

Kaden rides a two wheeler like a champ, and has for a while now, however we didn't think he was quite ready for the chaotic craziness of the boardwalk bike riding scene.  Gammi brought him a bike she borrowed from a friend in KY and they went for a bike ride almost every morning.  He really wanted to "ride the boards" though, so one day we rented a tandem bike.  We rode all the way to the end and back and he loved every second of it!  I think he liked it even more than riding his own bike since he didn't have to watch where he was going and was able to take in all the sights.  Pop joined us for the fun!  On one of their rides, Pop and Kaden had a run in that ended with them both on the ground and off their bikes.  Kaden was so worried about his Pop and quickly attended to him with band-aids.  Thank goodness everyone was ok.


Last Day
We spent our last day in Ocean City on the beach.  The boys had one last water ice and we got in all the required photos!

Last Night
Our last night was spent on the boardwalk squeezing in one more round of rides and making sure we got some good boardwalk photos. 

Limo Ride
When it was time to go home, Kevin called a car service to take us to the airport in Philadelphia.  This must not be a common occurrence in Ocean City because they said the only vehicles they had to accommodate a family of four was a stretch limousine.  So....we rode to the airport in high style.  Kaden couldn't get over his luck and thought that this was the perfect end to a fantastic two weeks.  Thanks Gammi and Pop!  This may be my favorite two weeks of the year...I know it was Kaden's!  "Next year, Pop, we gotta stay for a month!" - Kaden, age 5, July 2014