Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015


Gammi and Pop gave Kaden (and ultimately me) the best gift of his short little life, so far.  The Harlem Globetrotters came to town and Kaden was in the second row.  Before the game began, Kaden had the opportunity to meet the players and practice some b-ball drills.  The real magic started when the buzzer sounded.  I'm not sure what Kaden expected, but I don't think he expected the silliness of what he saw.  He was fully engaged in the game, cheering when the Globetrotters scored and groaning when the Nationals tied or pulled ahead.  He was in stitches by both teams ridiculous antics.  And his smile, ear to ear, lasted the entire game and then some.  He loved every second of it and I made some pretty special memories of my little boy and his pure, sweet, innocent joy!

Just a little bit taller

Early 2015

January of a new year.  The boys continued to relish in the visit from Grammi and Pop - lots of snuggles, outings, books, and love.  They also enjoyed lots of fun time with friends.

One of Harrison's very favorite activities - watching "dig-digs" with his buddy, Sam.  Lucky for us, they are building a new condominium building in Bird Rock.  Our weekly routine is to drop Kaden at school, go to Nightingale Music for Mommy & Me music class, drop in to Bird Rock coffee for a treat and a coffee, and then walk over to the construction site for some entertainment.  These mornings are slow and easy; and I cherish them.

Kaden has decided that he can read.  In actuality, he can memorize.  He wanted to show off his new skills by "reading" aloud to his class.  I am so proud of his fearlessness.  I hope he is always so confident and free from self-consciousness.

Every once in a while (and not nearly often enough), Kaden and I sneak out for a little date.  Our favorite date is a bike ride (K)/run (me) to the Juice Kaboose for a smoothie.  Right now, he begs for these times alone with me - so often, his time must be shared with Kevin and Harrison.  I hope we always have the opportunity to sneak away and spend time together, I hope he always wants me all to himself, I hope he always shares his life, and his stories, and his secrets with me.  Oh, I hope.

Kaden has made some sweet buddies at his new preschool.  This photo is from his friend, Luca's, birthday party at the San Diego Children's Museum.  They couldn't have had more fun!

We still enjoy a visit to Sea World every now and again, although not nearly as often as we used to.  Harrison could sit and watch the orcas all day, while Kaden likes the hands-on tide pools.

Following in his brother's footsteps, Harrison is a hit with the ladies.  A friend and I have been taking turns swapping the little ones for playdates.  It's so cute to watch Harrison make friends of his own - their interactions are so funny!  It's also been a treat to have a sweet little girl in the house!

Our first family beach bonfire!  I grew up watching television shows based in California and what seemed like their never-ending parties on the beach.  Turns out, families with young children don't often attend these parties.  After five plus years, we finally decided to throw our own.  So, with a few other families (The Lees and The Blases), we found a perfect spot by the bay, built (o.k., hired a company to build) a crackly bonfire, and enjoyed a special evening of dinner, drinks, games, and friends.  It's no wonder the kids on the TV shows attended these on a weekly basis!

Inflatable World!  Natalie and I swapped kids - Harrison went to her house for a nap while Brookie joined Kaden and me at Inflatable World in Mission Valley.  Such a memorable time - these two kids have such a special friendship and loved every minute of running around together ike sugar-buzzed bees.  Since they aren't at the same school anymore their time together is limited, but it hasn't impacted their relationship one little bit.  I love that.

Our little boy, who thinks he's big, is learning to scoot.  He hasn't gotten the hang of it quite yet, so we stick to grass.  I can tell though, when I see him observing Kaden with wonder, that he longs to be speedy and feel the wind in his face.  Soon enough, my love, soon enough. 

Celebrating five-and-a-half with Wild and Reckless ice cream at Baskin Robbins!

This photo captures Harrison's personality perfectly - he is a goofy, sweet, lovable, expressive little boy who loves snuggles and his big brother.

Dinner at the Adams house with a music performance by the kids.  We are so fortunate to have such good friends out here in CA.  I hope the boys find people in this life that they can count on, who accept them as they are, and who they have so much fun with!

His two favorite things - the beach and "dig-dumps."

Harrison continues to love music of all kinds and has only recently discovered that, in addition to listening to music, he can also make music.  Our house has increased ten-fold in decibel level.  While the noise is all too much sometimes, I try my very best to take a deep breath and remember how empty our home (and our lives) would be without it.