Monday, June 23, 2014

Harrison - 11 Months

It makes me sad to write this, but Harrison's tenth month passed in such a flash I have almost no recollection of it.  It could be because it coincided with K's last month of school, or because we were busy getting ready for our summer travel, but I think it's because time is just going too fast.  Where is the pause button?  We are in such a fun spot with these two amazing little boys that I don't want to miss a minute...but I seem to be grasping at straws.  Regardless, I try to take mental photos of all of Harrison's sweet smiles, our games of peek-a-boo, chasing him as he crawls around the house looking back to make sure I'm following, and the tickle sessions that end in giggles that swell my heart close to bursting.

Harrison's favorite activity continues to be catching some air in a swing...sometimes we squeeze a friend in there too.  Just like their big siblings, Brooke's little sister, Brynn, is a favorite friend of Harrison's.

Kaden's new favorite snack is hummus and it is a messy business.  Every meal that includes it normally ends in a sink bath.

Harrison had so much fun at the splash pad in Florida.  It was so hot, we spent A LOT of time in the pool!

We've had some hot days here in San Diego too and H loved all the water play.

While shopping for Father's Day gifts, Harrison took his first ride in one of those coin-operated cars at the outlet mall and he loved it!  He really wanted a chance to steer, but that was big brother's job.  Maybe next time, little man.

Our squirmy and smiley 11-month old!
The sentence from Where The Wild Things Are is always running through my head - "I could eat you up I love you so."  I mean really...look at those thighs!!! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Flynn - The Wedding Weekend

Our little family just traveled to Duck Key, Florida...possibly the farthest spot in the continental USA from La celebrate Uncle Sean and (now) Aunt Julie's wedding!  The two flights and three hour drive were more than worth it!  We all had a fantastic time celebrating with family and friends, new and old.  Kaden and Harrison met their cousins for the first time and it was an instant connection.      Kaden had a great time playing with his cousin, Jake, and Harrison got lots of cuddles from Lauren and Kate.  We spent most of our time in the many pools at the resort because it was so very hot.  Kaden kept asking why he was so "shwety."  K also saw a snake, lots of giant iguanas, and more than a few mosquitos.  He has since decided that having an iguana as a pet could be a fun idea.  K also "lived through" two thunderstorms.  Having seen very few of these in his life, he was pretty scared of the thunder and the lightening.  It's such a strange phenomena to me that my boys are growing up where they are really oblivious to weather and assume that everyone enjoys a constant sunny and 70 degrees.  Kaden most looked forward to participating in the wedding itself.  We were honored that Kaden was asked to be one of the ring bearers and he felt his role was very important indeed.  He did a spectacular job and couldn't have been more proud of himself.  Overall, the weekend was a good one, and we are thrilled to have Aunt Julie as an official family member. 

Kaden with cousins Ava and Jake

Enjoying the sites of the sunset cruise

H with his many admirers - he loved Lauren's braces

H and Jake

Poolside with cousin Kate

Jack, Kaden, and Harrison all dressed up for the ceremony

The cousins - I love this photo!

Kate, the flower girl, with her two escorts, Kaden and Carter (Julie's sister's son)

Kaden nervously observed the thunderstorm from the cover of the bar.  As soon as the couple began their first dance, the skies opened up! The resort was on top of it and immediately set up a reception site indoors.  During the change over, we watched the US score two goals against Portugal...definitely memorable.
Kaden dancing with Carter and Lilly (Julie's nephew and niece).

Kaden and Daddy at the reception and one of the only shots I have of the happy couple!

Congratulations, Sean and Julie!  We couldn't be happier for you!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Last Days at LJPCPS

Kaden's days at La Jolla Presbyterian Church Preschool have come to an end.  It was a fantastic introduction to school and he has been taught and loved by some very special teachers.  His last week was full of fun and silliness.

The teachers allowed the children with summer birthdays to have their own celebration - crowns and all! Kaden felt so special and I was touched by the gesture.  The kids celebrated with pizza, rainbow cupcakes, and goodie bags.  They also had costume day - of course, Kaden chose to wear a homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit - and pajama day.  Kaden's favorite of the silly days, however, was crazy hair day.  He asked for poky pigtails and then ran next door to ask the little girls who live there to borrow their hair color.  

"My Special Night" at LJPCPS consists of the students bringing their parents to their classrooms to show off what they've worked on all year and engage in some fun crafts together.  Kaden first measured his hand against his dad's on the "Dad's Day" poster.  He does this every morning before school too.  I guess I'd failed to tell Kevin this because when I did you could see his heart fill up.  As soon as we got into the room, Kevin was the center of Kaden's attention.  They were soon hard at work making, what else, Ninja Turtles (yes, it's an obsession).  Kaden was blessed with two great teachers this year, Mrs. DiTommasso and Mrs. Mitchell.  They made a great team, were kind and loving, but also taught Kaden so much.  I dare say he's ready for kindergarten...even though he's got one more year!

Kaden's teachers held a very sweet, "Crossing the Bridge" ceremony on the last day of school where each child got hugs from the teachers, crossed the bridge from preschool to Pre-K or Kindergarten, and then received a ribbon touting their accomplishment.  The kids were all super proud of themselves and as cute as can be.  I know they will miss one another this summer.  Lots of play dates are in order!

Photos of Kaden and Brookie on their first day of school in the 2012-2013 school year and their last day of school in the 2013-2014 school year.  This will probably be the last year they attend the same school.  I know I'm sad about that.  They may fight like siblings, but they sure do love one another.

The class had a party to celebrate the last day of school.  It was only after putting all these photos together that I realized the pink and navy shirt should probably be retired from overuse.  
K took break from all his friends to make sure H was having a good time.
The students of Room 4

There were several days off the last few weeks of school and Kaden chose to indulge in some days at home and one big adventure.  One day I found that he'd taken his lunch to the car for a little picnic...

Another day I found a series of about fifty selfies on my phone...

His biggest request, however, was an adventure to ride an "accordion" bus (one of the double busses that run the express route downtown on weekdays).  This entailed a car ride to the mall, and then a 40-45 minute bus ride downtown.  Once there, we had a bite to eat and then raced to catch the bus back home.  It was all Kaden thought it would be and more.  He had asked for months for this ride, and I have to say the hassle was well worth it to see the smile on my boys' face.  

Another long-standing request was for me to paint his nails.  After his patience had run out, he took measures into his own hands.  Turns out markers work just as well.