Monday, May 30, 2011

I Love... Kaden says, "K" for "yes."
...when Kaden is ready to leave, he starts saying, "Buh-Bye" to everyone and everything.
...Kaden's newfound interest in what he wears - he always asks for an 'ood (jacket or sweatshirt with a hood) and "lip-lops" (flip-flops).
...that, upon request, Kaden will hug absolutely anyone.
...Kaden's love for showers - he could stand there all day letting the water wash over him. Kaden says, "no, no, no," AS he is doing something he knows he is not supposed to do.
...that no matter how may times Kevin tries to brainwash him, when asked, "Who's your best friend?" Kaden consistently answers, "Mommy."

*Thanks to Sara J. for the idea on this one. Hope I'm not violating a copyright.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Potty Training

A couple of months ago, I got Kaden a Baby Bjorn toilet. Honestly, I didn't think we were anywhere near ready to start the potty training process, but I wanted him to get used to the idea. He has sat on it a few times...with all his clothes on. He has also used it as a stepping stool to grab things that weren't supposed to be in his reach. Actually, by all indications, he confirmed my thoughts that this wasn't the time for potty training. Until tonight. Tonight, we were reading books before bed (and he hadn't yet had his nightly movement) and I asked him if he wanted to go poopy in the potty. He arose from his reading chair, went to the bathroom and got his toilet out of the cabinet, and then looked at me expectantly. I took off his pjs, then his diaper... and, he sat on the toilet and had a poo. Kevin and I stood there in shock and then garnished him with praise. So, today, May 14th, Kaden used the big boy toilet for the first time!!! No photos necessary.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yet Another Bad Haircut happened again. I think he looks like Hugh Grant's roommate in "Notting Hill" and Kevin thinks he looks like Sue Sylvester from "Glee." You decide...

Not to worry, we got it fixed. How handsome is our little man?! Doesn't he look so grown up? A bittersweet tear shed from mom with this one!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter with Gammi and Pop!

Another fantastic visit from Gammi and Pop!

As it was Easter, Gammi and Pop spent much of the weekend teaching Kaden our traditions. First, we dyed the Easter Eggs. Kaden had a great time dropping the color tablets into the corresponding color cups. He also liked dropping the eggs in. He didn't like waiting for them to finish dyeing - he couldn't keep his teeny-tiny fingers out! We also showed him our Egg Cracking Competition - Mom was this year's champion!

The Easter Bunny brought a giant basket of goodies for Kaden! While most children enjoy all the candies that come on Easter morning, Kaden was most excited about his new electric toothbrush. His truck puzzle was a close second!

A somewhat unconventional Easter spent at the ballpark. Kevin got tickets for all of us to go watch the Phillies beat up on the Padres! The outfield is pretty much outfitted for kids with bench seating and a giant sandbox. Kaden had a great time but he really wanted to get out on the field and show off his skills!

Another Warwick's book reading - Froggy Goes to Hawaii. Kaden loved Froggy, but didn't want to sit still for the book reading. He finally settled into Gammi's arms and listened intently after that. Snacks always help one to settle in and enjoy the show!

One day, there was some construction work going on across the street. We decided on lunch al fresco so that Kaden could watch all the excitement. The skid steer that was removing all of the construction debris was a favorite..."up, up, up, dump."

At Gammi's encouragement, Kaden raided my hat box. Just in time for Derby!

Not only did Kaden get to visit with Gammi and Pop, he also spent some time with his second cousins, Boris and Lee. The three are all within a few months of one another and played together really well. It was cute to see them chasing after one another and hear their squeals of delight.

Kaden's first bus ride was a highlight of Gammi and Pop's visit! His mouth stayed open the whole time. He wasn't sure what to think!

Kaden and Marley went on a lot of walks - however, neither of them did much of the walking!

A quick family photo.

Overall, it was a great visit. But... is still so hard to say good-bye!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flower Fields

A thorn among the roses? Not this little guy! He is as sweet as they come.