Thursday, October 15, 2009

Real Nap, Real Tears, Real Smile?

Today, Kaden went down for his first real nap. Until today, he's been napping either in his bouncy seat, the bassinet we had in the living room, his stroller, his car seat...really, anywhere he fell asleep. Sometimes he slept for a few hours, sometimes for only a few minutes. I decided that today was as good a day as any to start an afternoon nap routine. So, at 2:30 pm, after his tummy was full and diaper changed, I rocked him for a few minutes, and put him down for a big boy nap in his crib. He fell asleep rather easily and he slept for two and a half hours. As he's been sleeping in a co-sleeper in our bedroom, it was the first time he's spent more than fifteen minutes in his crib. I'm happy he slept so soundly since, sooner or later, he'll be spending his nights in there. Fingers crossed that tomorrow's nap goes just as smoothly.

I also noticed, for the first time, real tears coming from Kaden's little eyes. As if the sound of his crying isn't heartbreaking enough, now he's adding tears! He sure knows how to pull his mama's heartstrings. Thank goodness for me he doesn't cry all that often. I felt like a terrible mother taking this photo of him screaming, but the flash actually startled him and he promptly quit the crying. What a face! Tell me you wouldn't give in to anything he wanted.

Kaden has smiled contentedly since the first week we brought him home. These little gems were normally seen while he was sleeping. Recently, however, we've noticed them while he is awake and looking around. We're still waiting for a smile in reaction to things we do - the pediatrician calls it a "social smile." Kevin has had some luck getting one of these smiles out of our little man, but it isn't something that we can attain on cue. While I am not so patiently waiting for this milestone, he gives me cute little faces like these to tide me over until he is ready. I just hope that, even though he's not smiling, he's happy and we are doing a good job.

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