Thursday, October 8, 2009

More from Week Five

Just some photos of Kaden chilling out. Notice his model pose in photo #1 and showing off his muscles in #2. The cute fish outfit is from my friend, Jill. Her little boy, Tyson is always stylish - a fashion icon for Kaden. We are looking forward to their visit over Halloween. Trick-or-Treating with the Maucks in Bird Rock - watch out La Jolla two little goblins will be out and about!

Our second playdate with Andi and Michelle. At least Kaden was awake for some of this one! Still not a great playmate for Andi, but I bet they are toddling around together before too long.

I found this shirt in my closet at my parent's house and remember my little brother, Uncle Paul to Kaden, wearing it when he was a baby. After he grew out of it, I dressed my baby dolls in it. I'm surprised that it is still in such great shape. If you can't tell, it is a tie-dyed mouse. I'm going to try and find a photo of Uncle Paul wearing it so I can post them side by side. I'm thinking Paul filled it out a bit more - he was a chunker!

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