Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Summer

When we weren't traveling to Lexington or Ocean City, we enjoyed all that a sunny summer in California offers:

My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Attempting to learn table manners, but having a hard time sitting still.

Lots of "Choo-Choo" rides at the Zoo Railroad.

Down by the Bay

Dinners with my ladies.

Lots of play dates at Brooke's house.

Yep, more ladies!

Puberty already?

A Jack of All Trades: Golfer, Orator, and Surfer Dude.

"He-Wo, Pop"

The Zoo.

Swim lessons with Erin.

Art class - Dress Up - Soccer school

My private pool

(Translation: having recently received his first Disney Cars toy, he's repeating "Tow-Mater")

Watching our stray cats was pure entertainment for Kaden.

Turns out that if you feed stray cats once, they keep coming back.

A visit from Uncle Brian!

Sensational Sea World

While the animals are cool, the splash pad at Sea World is this kid's favorite attraction.

Favorite Summertime Treat: Smoothies!