Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween has always been kinda a big deal in my family. I remember talking about our costumes in the car ride home from our summer vacation at the Shore! In an effort to keep that excitement alive, we really talked-up Halloween this year. Kaden's costume was purchased in mid-September and he was immediately stuck on the idea of dressing up as a blue monster for Trick-or-Treating. He told everyone he encountered that he was going to be a "Boo Monster," whether they inquired or not. He even practiced knocking on our door and saying, "Happy How-o-ween" and "Tick-or-Teat." So, by the time Halloween rolled around, he was overly excited about the prospect of dressing up as a monster and getting candy. Well...due to some last minute travel changes, Kaden and I ended up in Lexington for the big day. Unfortunately, his costume didn't. Pop recommended that we just go to the store and pick out a new costume. That recommendation, however, didn't go over too well with Kaden. He was dead-set on being a "Boo Monster" and nothing else would do. Kaden's hero, his Dad, saved the day: Kevin managed to jam the giant costume in his suitcase and made a 24-hour pit-stop (between St. Louis and Cleveland) to drop it off in Lexington.

The day did not disappoint. We started with a sing-a-long/parade/craft project all at one of the local libraries. Kaden still asks that we sing a few of those songs before bed (there's no convincing him that some songs are only seasonally appropriate). Afterwards, we went to Pop's office to do some trick-or-treating. Kaden thought it was great! Everyone was so nice to him and he got his very favorite kinds of candy - lollipops and Annie's Gummy Bunnies. For the main event, we went over to the Stuart's house so that Kaden could trick-or-treat with his buddies Sadie, Everett, Lucy, and Ellis. My friend, Emily Stuart threw together the most darling Halloween party (she constantly amazes me with her cuteness)! Every child had a personalized candy bucket full of goodies and, while they munched on bat-shaped PB&J sandwiches and juice boxes (Kaden's favorite special treat), the adults indulged in mini mummy pizzas and blood red wine. Well done, Em, well done.

When the time came for knocking on doors, I thought Kaden would be a bit apprehensive. Much to my surprise, he didn't flinch. He grabbed his Pop's hand and off they went, leading the pack of kids from house to house. Kaden must have overheard me chiding Pop about all of the unnecessary junk-food he was putting in Kaden's basket because, after each house, Kaden would say, "next house, more junk." In his mind, the more junk the better! Kaden was allowed one piece of candy for the ride home and he smartly chose a lollipop that lasted the entire thirty-minute ride back to Gammi and Pop's house and then some. Prior to brushing his teeth for bedtime, he insisted on leaving the half-eaten lollipop on the sink so that he could start right where he left off the next morning. True to form, he didn't forget about it - he woke up asking "more candy, pease?" I think Kaden's Halloween was a big success and that, like the rest of the Koshgerian clan, this will end up being one of his favorite holidays.