Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 2014

Our Gingerbread house

The La Jolla Christmas parade

Not a fan of Santa...this year

A Christmas shopping accident at Target.
I love that, at this age, almost all hurts can be solved with a Slurpee.

Caroling with friends from church at the local retirement home

Winter snuggles

We are so grateful to the Willoughbys for the invitation to join them for a weekend of skiing and snow fun in Park City!  We feel so very blessed to have friends like the Willoughbys and Mischlers and the opportunity to enjoy these family vacations together!

Our sleigh ride got off to a rocky start, but everyone enjoyed it...except Harrison.  Fuzzy photo, but the only one of our whole crew!  What special people.  What fantastic friends.

Park City Snow School - Kaden was eager to get on the mountain!

Ski Class with Willa and Brookie

On our own on the slopes - watch out skiers!

So proud of this little guy and his excitement about learning a new activity.  He paid attention to his teachers, tried his very best, and got up when he fell down.  By the end of the weekend, he was riding up the ski lift with us and skiing down the mountain (and by mountain, I mean bunny slope) all by himself.  He is anxious to ski again!  I love his sense of adventure and his enthusiasm for life!  He is pure joy!

Harrison loved Cal-Cal's backpack

Bundled up brothers

Our beautiful, sweet, silly littles!

Oh, that face!  It melts the coldest of times!

Trouble with a Capital T ... but you can't help but love this little rascal!

Fun at the Montage in Deer Valley - a walk in the life size gingerbread  house and bowling!

Kaden's favorite part of the trip - "eating snow!"

Harrison wasn't feeling the family photo session and Kaden was too busy catching snowflakes...this is the best we could do.

The sledding was fantastic this year!

Sweet friendships for the littles and the bigs!

When we returned from Park City, Gammi and Pop were ready and waiting to get the Christmas holiday started!  

Tom and Jerry caused an almost excessive case of the giggles - for both Kaden and Pop!

Tide pooling with Gammi on one of our amazing winter days!

Harrison's favorite activity - walking MarBear

Christmas Eve church service - don't they clean up nicely?  Always a fantastic evening of song and celebration - the perfect way to remember the reason for the season.

Followed by yet another lovely Christmas Eve with the Willoughbys.

The excitement of Christmas morning is magical when celebrating with children who believe!

A big boy bike...maybe too big?  It took him a few minutes and a few more tries, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly!  I can't remember the number of laps we did around Busy Bee, I lost count at 482! 

These two little chunks of love were inseparable...due to Harrison's obsession with sweet Marley.

A fun night for watching college football at the Poinsettia Bowl thanks to Daddy and his Red Coat!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014 - Belleville and Lexington

This November, we made a trip back to Belleville to celebrate Papa's 70th Birthday.  

A highlight of the trip was seeing Great Grandma Flynn.  God love her.  I certainly do.

Another highlight, spending time with cousins!  A rare, but always fun, opportunity! 

Kaden thought the freezing temps and freezing rain was a special treat - us, not so much!

It does make for cute accessories though!

After Belleville, we went to Lexington for Thanksgiving with family and friends.  It was the first time we had been back for Thanksgiving in several years, so it was a special treat for all of us to be together.  We spent lots of time cuddling with Gammi and Pop, seeing old friends, and taking in some of Lexington's fun offerings - ice skating in Triangle Park and a UK basketball game!

Our gingers, Kaden and sweet Lucy, cuddling and watching a movie while Allison and I caught up on life.  I can hardly believe that she's been in my life since we were the kids' ages, but then again I can't imagine my life without her in it!  

Some special iPad time in the comfy chair!

Fly Eagles Fly!
Going on a treasure hunt...

Skating in Triangle Park

Family photo in front of the Christmas Tree in Triangle Park

Determined little guy picked it up after insisting he do it on his own!

Pop's favorite spot!

The wishbone

Science lessons with Gammi led to an amazed little boy

An effort to get a photo for the Christmas card