Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring in the Bluegrass, by Kaden Flynn

On my most recent trip to Kentucky I:

Spent with my Uncle Paul...

whom I idolize;

Visited my friend, Lucy, and met her brand new baby sister, Zoe;

Got to make and eat all kinds of fun treats - my favorites were the popsicles and popcorn;

Made yet another visit to see Clyde and his B-I-G machines;

Went to the "Big Blue Building" to see Pop at work;

Took a highly anticipated trip to Keeneland to see the horses race;

[After seeing the horses I loudly protested the idea of taking a nap.  Mom was right though, I sure was tired...I ended up falling asleep sitting up!  By the way, this is the bed that I slept in the entire time that I was in Kentucky - a big boy bed, is what Mom called it!]

Received a fun pair of sunglasses from Uncle Paul and, as usual, had fun with Gammi's iPad;

Visited with Bowen Maggard - we both really like trucks, so we had a lot in common;

Invented a new game that involved throwing toys down the laundry chute, trying to see them at the bottom with a flashlight, and then running down the stairs to make sure they actually landed (it was a tiring game now that I think about it);

Explored the Explorium with Gammi and Pop;

Tried my first massage chair at the airport before we went back to was a riot; 

 And even had fun on the car rides...when Gammi sat in the back seat with me, that is.

All in all, I had another fantastic visit!  I love that town, but I think it is the people I get to visit there that make it so much fun.  I sure do miss those folks!  I think they may miss me a little bit too...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter with the Willoughbys

Our fabulous friends, The Willoughbys, invited us to celebrate Easter Sunday at their home. The day couldn't have been more perfect.  The weather was beautiful, the food excellent, and the air festive and celebratory.  Kaden had a wonderful time dyeing eggs, participating in an egg hunt, and meeting Mr. E. Bunny himself.  While we missed spending the holiday with our family, we were reminded just how blessed we are to have made such fantastic friends out here on the West Coast.  

Best Buddies in their Easter Best

Kaden was very excited that the Easter Bunny delivered - I think he doubted our story that a giant bunny would hop by his house and drop off a basket full of goodies.  

Surveying the spread

Scouting out the eggs prior to the hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Kaden was determined to find every egg before searching in a new spot.

Kaden meets Mr. Bunny

Thanks for the basket!

Getting ready to dye eggs...

Clothing removal proved to be essential.

The finished product

After a long, fun day, Brooke and Kaden told us that they were tired and were going to lay down for a bit.  Cute now, but I doubt we will be so encouraging when they are teenagers!