Sunday, December 16, 2012

Park City

Our dear friends, Mark and Natalie Willoughby, generously invited us and the Mischlers to their home in Park City for a pre-Christmas respite.  What a treat - snowboarding on fresh powder, Kaden's first time on skis, a spa day for the girls, and even a night out for the adults!  We all had a wonderful time and made memories that will last a lifetime.  

Family Photo

Kaden in Brooke's Fancy Nancy pajamas 
Poor guy got sick all over himself on the ride from the airport to the house.  We thought it was car sickness, but it turned out to be a touch of the stomach flu...which he generously shared with the rest of us.  No one let a little bug get them down though and everyone enjoyed their long weekend in the mountains.

First Snow Fall
The kids were mesmerized by watching the snow fall when they woke up the first morning.  All three of them couldn't wait to get out there and catch the flakes on their tongues.

Dropping Kaden off at Ski School
We were all quite excited, but the looks of this photo tells that mom was maybe a little anxious about it too.  Not to worry, he did great and, more importantly, had a super time!

Looks like a professional to me!

Kaden in action on the slopes! 
Kaden seemed to really like ski school.  He quickly hugged and kissed me and then was off for his new adventure.  Brooke had a difficult time saying good-bye to her mom the second day, so Kaden held her hand and sat with her on a bench saying, "it ok, Brookie" until she calmed down (this we secretly watched from a little side window).  Such a sweet boy.  As for the actual skiing, the instructors said that he mastered Pizza (wedge stopping) and French Fries (going straight) and, next time, will be ready to try out the chair lift!  We were so proud at how much effort our little man showed...little did we know all the kids were being incentivized with Starburst.

The Kids
Trying to get the four of these little monkeys to sit still and pose for a photo in their Christmas PJs was less than successful.  

Jingle Bells
In this case, it was a two-horse open sleigh and it was such fun.  Cold, but fun.

Bowling after dinner at The Montage

Loving the Snow
Kaden's favorite part about Park City - "eating the sow"

What a difference a couple of years can make!

While Kaden enjoyed ski school, he was exhausted after the second day.  So, we decided for a more laid back day and took the kids out sledding and snowman building.  I think this was their favorite day,   the joy of just being free to play in snow was magical for them.  Kaden ate tons of snow, we built a pitiful snowman (the snow was not good packing snow- or at least that is what I will blame for the giant fail), and had several turns on the sled (keeping his eyes closed on each turn).  His rosy cheeks and gigantic smile filled me with gratitude for this wonderful life and love for my fantastic little boy!  We returned to the house and had, what else, hot chocolate with marshmallows!  A perfect end to a perfect morning.

Park City 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Festivities

We had a fun-filled Fall here in La Jolla.  Here are some of the highlights:

Kaden has become our big helper

Mastering the art of chopsticks

Shaving with Dad

Pedaling around town on a bike made for 12!

A visit to the San Diego Maritime Museum

Indoor picnics

General silliness

Fort reading with Gammi

Fire Safety Awareness Week with an open house at the local fire station.

A trolley trip with friend, Charlie, to the Children's Museum in Downtown San Diego.

Painting a car at the La Jolla Food and Wine Festival

The pumpkin patch by our house, where we made almost nightly visits

Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch with Kaden's buddy, Willa.

School field trip to yet another pumpkin patch - we got caught in the rain, but that made it all the more fun!

Soccer class on Wednesday afternoons

Thanksgiving Feast at school

Kaden and his turkey

A Thanksgiving visit - and Coronado bike ride - with Uncle Sean and Julie