Thursday, September 17, 2015

Harrison Goes to Preschool

And this one is going to school too!  At 2!  He was so excited and was dropped off without any tears, just a good-bye kiss blown in my direction.  He is so fortunate to be in such a special classroom with such special teachers at such a special school.  I know he'll have a great year!

La Jolla United Methodist Nursery School

The Sunflower Room
Teacher Erin and Teacher Lynn

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Well, the time has come for Kaden to go to Kindergarten!  He was so proud of himself and incredibly confident both coming and going.  A little piece of my heart broke as I knew this was one more step on his road to independence (which is coming faster than I like) - but this little man is up for the challenge and couldn't be more loved.


At the end of the first day

Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer Fun - Bucket List

Pizza and Movie Party with friends from school

Strawberry picking in the Carlsbad strawberry fields

Friday Fun Days at La Jolla Shores

Our first Torrey Pines Hike - K made it all four miles!


Concerts at the Kate Sessions Park

Golf Camp

Visiting the Endeavor Shuttle at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, the candy store at The Grove, and squeezing in a dinner with Uncle Paul who is living in LA and doing a fellowship at Kaiser Permanente.

Playing in the fountains with friends at Harbor Park

A lot of outdoor art projects

Saying good-bye to summer and spending Labor Day at the Shores as a family

Summer of 2015 was one for the books!