Saturday, October 31, 2009

1st Halloween

Halloween started with a yummy brunch at the Firehouse in Pacific Beach with Jill's brothers and their girlfriends. The view from our rooftop table was a great way to start the day. We followed brunch with a day at the beach. Just as little boys are supposed to, Tyson ran around like a wild man, played with all his beach toys, and fully covered himself in sand. Par for the course, Kaden slept through the whole event. Overall, the day was a huge success!

Kaden and his new best friend, Jill. He adored having the Maucks visit as he was an angel the entire time they were here. Since Jill has another little boy on the way, I think Kaden was reminding her just how sweet babies can be. With the hypnosis the Maucks had on Kaden, we may just ask them to move in!

Before we got dressed up to go out, Kaden donned his My First Halloween onesie

Trick or Treat was also a huge hit. Tyson dressed up as a doctor and went door to door getting all sorts of great candy. He seemed to think it was the best thing ever. After each house he would look at his mom and ask, "One more Mom, one more?" He also made sure to get his mom's favorite candy when he had the option. I hope Kaden loves me as much as Tyson loves his mama! Jill took a great photo of the two boys in their costumes.

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