Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring is Here!

Getting a fresh haircut to welcome in the spring season.

A new fascination with sharks (he knows at least 30 of the 350 different species) and the ocean led to a snorkel set purchase.  So far, they've only been used in the bath tub, but Kaden is anxious to try them out in the pool.  I'm hoping this new interest convinces Kevin to take us to Hawaii!

The Easter Bunny brought bubble bath...and a whole new level of fun to bath time!

The silliness brought on by spring fever is contagious - nude guitar concert, anyone?

On St. Patrick's Day we woke up to find that a little leprechaun left gold coins in Kaden's shoes and turned our toilet water green - much to Kaden's amusement and delight!  We celebrated the day with Lucky Charm's cereal and a green smoothie for breakfast. 

Kaden and Daddy intently watching March Madness.  Since our dear CATS weren't in it, Kaden decided to cheer for the "dirty birds" (a.k.a. Louisville).

Kaden and Cousin Boris, in from Amsterdam, playing in Igor's old Volkswagen Beetle.

Checking out the attractions at the Reptile Show - his favorite was the lizard with a blue tongue.  I was really proud of Kaden, he chose to pet every animal presented!  The ten year old boys sitting next to us weren't nearly as brave!

Kaden came up with the idea of inviting some friends over for movie night.  I have to say, it was a wonderful idea.  The parents dropped their kiddos off for pizza, popcorn, and a movie while they enjoyed a date night of their own.  All the kids had a great time...even though the movie was a little too old for them to completely follow.  The popcorn was the biggest hit of the night!

Kaden enjoying his latest gift from Pop - a radio controlled helicopter meant for a boy much older than three.  When Kaden isn't playing with it, Kevin is.

Kaden is into music of all kinds.  The first photo was taken at the Children's Music Festival at the Del Mar Race Track.  Kaden had a great time with his friend Charlie dancing to the tunes of Hullabaloo.  The second photo was taken before a recent church service - he likes the drummer and the guy with the pink guitar best.

Kaden is really into "helping" recently.  This night he decided to help me make the calzone we were having for dinner.  He is very thorough, following each step of the recipe to the letter, and, like any good chef, asks to taste every single ingredient before it goes into the mix.

Kaden and his favorite sculpture on a recent Mommy-Son date at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art.

One of Kaden's friends had her birthday party at Pigtails and Crewcuts, a local hair salon/toy store.  It was princess and knight themed and each child got a hair style of his/her choice.  Kaden went the rock 'n roll route.

We also have two exciting new announcements!  First, Kevin and I put in an offer to purchase the home that we've lived in for the past few years and...it was accepted!!!  We are so excited about continuing to make this house and this community our home.  Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and we will be the official owners come June! 

For those of you who know us, the celebratory bottle of sparkling cider should have tipped you off that our second announcement is of the happiest kind a couple can make - we are thrilled to announce that we're expecting our second child in the end of July.  Kaden is beside himself with excitement over the prospect of becoming a big brother.  He goes back and forth about whether he would like a brother or a sister, but has agreed that we let it be a surprise on baby's birth day.  For now, he thinks the ultrasound pictures show either a puppy dog or a giraffe.  Yikes, let's hope not!