Friday, October 9, 2009

Week Six Portraits

Notice the pacifier and burp cloth. At six weeks Kaden seems to be going through a growth spurt and can't seem to tell when he's had enough food. This has caused messy spit-ups after most every meal and some doozie crying spells. All the fussiness is incredibly unlike him - he's been such a calm baby ever since we brought him home. The spit-ups, fussiness, and lack of sleep led us to taking him to the doctor today. She said it may be a bit of reflux but that otherwise he's doing great - he gained 1.2 pounds since his last appointment two weeks ago! He now weighs 10.2lbs. Since we went to the doctor, the fussiness and lack of sleep have abated. I think we'll be doing loads and loads of laundry for a while though!

Meanwhile, Kevin has been sick with the flu. He was home from work for three days so I knew it was bad. I quarantined him in the guest bedroom and have been cleaning everything he's touched with rubbing alcohol. I'm loading up on Airborne and Emergen-C and praying hourly that Kaden doesn't catch it. Friends told me to quirt some breast milk up his nose to prevent germs from getting into his system. I guess it's worth a try...

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  1. What a little porker! I'm so glad to see he's healthy and growing. I miss him!