Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring 2015

Watching some road construction with friends - not sure why Kaden is wearing a Halloween shirt in March???

"Royal Rumbling" with Uncle Paul

Some morning drawing on the Boogieboard.  Harrison asks Kaden to draw "dig-dumps" and Kaden, a sweet and patient big brother, does his best to comply.  One paci is never enough for Harrison - he normally has one in his mouth and at least one in each hand - he rotates between the three but, no matter how hard we try, we can't figure out the reason or pattern.

Pizza on Pearl with Uncle Paul

Harrison "helping" me bake cupcakes for Uncle Paul's birthday

A polynesian celebration down at Windansea

Beach boys

A sandy cheese

My lucky little leprechaun and our empty trap

St. Paddy's Day 2015

H and Sam in their element with their favorite toys

The littles (Harrison, Sam, and Brynn) on a zoo visit

Birthday beach celebration for Connor

After church antics with the Willoughby girls

I mean, come on, is this kid handsome or what?

One of Kaden's "free builds" - a train station

Harrison tagged along on Kaden's field trip to the fire station.  He is fascinated by the engines and the firemen, but was overcome when the fireman allowed him to sit in the driver's seat.  The fireman's face is classic!

Practicing is aim on the field trip

Morning snuggles in the big bed!

Kaden's first soccer team - The French Fries!

A losing season (I don't think they won a single game), but fun to watch nonetheless.  For the first few games, K hung back and didn't get in the fray.  The later few games, we offered him a penny for every time he touched the ball - while this seemed to motivate him to go after the ball more, we still never paid more than a dime.  Finally, at the last game of the season, Kaden showed some real hustle and, miraculously, scored a goal!  What a way to end his first season of soccer!

You know...normal...just playing catch in tennis shoes, underpants, and a bike helmet.  This lazy spring morning was one of those days when you take a deep breath, pinch yourself, and thank God for the multitude of blessings right there on your back patio.

Fun little friends - Harrison and Sam

Mommy and Me Discovery Class in preparation for LJUMC Nursery School starting in the fall for this little guy.

Everybody on their feet for the National Anthem.  This spring Kaden has gotten really interested in sports of all kinds.  Kevin is thrilled to have someone to watch games with and discuss strategy.  He loves all the questions Kaden asks...and loves showing off his knowledge of all things sports!

Dinner with the Lee girls - newer family friends who we simply adore!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Tooth

Well, my little man lost his first tooth.  It was wiggly for weeks, and the big tooth had already popped up behind the loose baby tooth, but Kaden's first tooth was reluctant to step aside.  It finally fell out during lunch at school (he was eating salami).  K's teacher captured the moment and sent me this darling photo.  Kaden was super excited about the tooth fairy coming, but didn't really want to say goodbye to his tooth.  He decided that he wanted to write the fairy a note asking to keep his tooth.  Luckily, he has a super nice tooth fairy who complied with a little return note, a two dollar bill, and his very own Tug the Tooth plush doll and book.  His sweet smile doesn't look too different since his bottom lip covers the lost tooth (and because his big tooth has already grown in), but I know it won't be long until this little face that I've stared at in awe for five years is all grown up.  This growing up thing is happening way too fast for me!