Sunday, December 19, 2010

Park City

Our dear friends, the Willoughbys, invited us to spend a long weekend with them and another couple at their home in Park City, Utah. Seeing that Kevin has never been skiing before, we jumped on the offer. We set off for the slopes on Wednesday, December 15th and stayed through Kevin's birthday on the 19th. Kevin and I decided to snowboard so that we would both be on the same level - a team building exercise, if you will. So, on Thursday and Friday, we enrolled in snowboarding school. By Saturday, we were at Level III! We aren't entirely sure what that means, but it surely includes falling often, massive bumps and bruises, general soreness, and a temper-tantrum or two. Kevin's first experience on the slopes was a definite success!

A photo of us in our borrowed gear - not the cutest couple on the mountain.

Kaden, on the other hand, didn't enjoy the snow one little bit. I can't figure out if it was the giant snowsuit, the 12"+ of snow, or the freezing temperatures, but whatever it was, he hated it. I am hopeful that once he is able to move a little better, he will have more fun. As it was, he was content staying inside playing with his friends.

So long as he wasn't down in the snow, he was a happy guy. He loved watching the snowflakes fall.

And, the kissing was out of control! Our little lover boy relished the attention from the two pretty girls.

Kevin wants me to note that the pajamas in the above photo were on loan. Since Kaden's room was so cold fleece was necessary - even if it was pink kitty cat fleece!

The adults enjoyed a night out on the town having drinks and dinner at the St. Regis in Deer Valley.

We also took the kids out to Main Street one night to see all the lights - boy was it cold! The kids didn't last long.

One of the most fun adventures of the weekend was a sleigh ride up the mountain side. It was cold but beautiful out and the sleigh was pulled by two beautiful Clydesdale horses complete with sleigh bells and toasty blankets.

What a great weekend. What fantastic friends!

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