Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Ah...Christmas morning! Kaden didn't know what to think, but he had a grand time. The Christmas tree, normally the focus of our decorations, was a pitiful display this year. The lack of ornaments (every time I went to put them up, Kaden followed right behind taking them off), and the crooked star looked far from festive. In place of ornaments, we put up all the Christmas cards we received. While I know we will go back to the traditional ornaments next year, the cards were perfect this year. Kaden loves photos and naming people he recognizes. So, everyday, Kaden circled the tree pointing to all the photos and looking to me for all the names. His favorites, of course, were the ones that featured kids like him! A fun way to see people that he doesn't get to see very often and a great way to display all the beautiful cards we received this year!

Stockings - if you ask me, one of the most fun parts of Christmas morning.

Kaden loved opening all the loot that Santa left for him!

Kaden's "big gift" was a kitchen from Gammi and Poppi.

How many adults does it take to assemble a grocery cart? Thank goodness Kaden was there to help!

Kaden mastered the dunk within seconds...shooting may take a bit longer.

With all of the unopened toys from Kaden's first birthday, and the several gifts he received from family, friends, and Santa (of course), Kevin and I got away with purchasing only clothes, stocking stuffers, and a book, "Heads." Turns out, he really, really likes the book - his favorite part is when the elephant sneezes green goo all over the monkey...he is such a boy!

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