Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Golf Lesson

Next to Kaden, Kevin's most avid passion is golf. Not surprisingly, he would like to get Kaden out on the links as soon as possible. As soon as Kaden started walking, Kevin put the golf club in his hands. This was one of the first lessons. Kaden seems to be enjoying himself, but I think Kevin enjoyed it that much more. Before too long, the two will be golf buddies. So that I'm not left out, maybe I should get a lesson too!

The bib has become a staple in our house as Kaden's mouth is quickly filling up with teeth! I think all he has left are his two-year molars! The poor kid hasn't had a break; as soon as one pops in, another is on its way. We have tiny little puddles of drool all over our house and, if we don't use the bib, his pajamas are soaking wet by bedtime. He takes it all in stride though. I remember when his teeth first started coming in, I was sure that nothing would be cuter than his gummy smile - boy was I wrong! His toothy grin steals my heart and has earned him the nickname, "Mr. Cheese."

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