Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kaden Turns Four!!

In celebration of Kaden's 4th Birthday, we threw a fireman themed party at a local park.  Kaden helped design and make his fire truck cake.  

The birthday boy with his cake and blowing out his candles (with a little, unrequested, help from Brookie).

Happy Birthday to Kaden!

We had an obstacle course for the kids - jumping through a ladder created of red duck tape, jumping through hula hoops of fire made from red, yellow, and orange vinyl tablecloth strands, climbing the play structure to rescue the plush kitty cat, sliding down the slide to the fireman backpacks, and putting out a fire made of plastic cups.  It was less than organized, but the kids still had fun.

Kaden requested a pinata full of candy and toys.  We were tempted to make our own, but with a newborn in the house little gets accomplished.  Our purchased one was apparently not made to be broken - all the kids took several turns whacking it and we finally put a hole in it and dumped it out.  The kids could not have cared less!  There was a scramble for the candy and toys and everyone walked away happy.

The big surprise of the day was a visit from a fire truck and "fire man."  The kids listened to a short fire safety demonstration and then got to inspect the truck and all its bells and whistles.  They even got to go on a fifteen minute ride around town.  It was a blazing success!

The Birthday Boy!

On Kaden's real birthday he woke up to balloons, banners, and gifts.  "Mom, can you believe it?  I'm four!" was repeated several times throughout the day.  He was so very excited and proud to be such a big boy!  He chose to have his birthday dinner at Su Casa, a Mexican restaurant across the street.  All in all, I think the kid had a pretty happy celebration.  He's already asking how long till his next birthday!  

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