Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gammi and Pop Meet Harrison

We are a spoiled bunch!  Gammi came in for an entire month to help us transition to a family of four.  During the time she was there, she was a nurse, chef, housekeeper, photographer, playmate to Kaden, and baby whisperer.  We are so lucky to have this amazing mama and gammi in our family!  

Pop came for the last week of Gammi's visit and loved every second of playing with Kaden.  Kaden was showered with attention and was thrilled with his new "super silly" playmate.  Pop is now an old pro at being a grandfather, he was much more comfortable with Harrison than he was with Kaden four short years ago.  Over and over he commented on what a handsome little man our Harrison is.  

Gammi and Pop falling in love with baby Harrison.

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