Friday, August 23, 2013

Harrison is One Month Old

Our littlest guy is growing quickly.  At his one month visit he weighed in at 10 lbs .8 oz. and measured 21.8 inches long.  His eyes are opening more and more every day as he takes in the world around him.  I have to say, he is a terrific baby - he cries only when hungry.  Much different from Kaden, but then again, I'm much more relaxed this time around.  In retrospect, it was probably me making Kaden such a mess as I fussed over him all the time!  So far, Harrison has been to two birthday parties, a sip and see in his honor hosted by wonderful friends, Amy Mischler and Natalie Willoughby, and several trips to the beach and playground.  His favorite things to do these days are snuggle with mommy and gaze at big brother.  

On the not so fun side of things, we've already been to the ophthalmologist twice for congenital ptosis in his left eye and the physical therapist once for congenital torticollis.  It seems like both stem from being a little too cramped in the womb.  The ptosis presented itself really early - Harrison never opened his left eye.  But, as time went by and his muscles grew stronger, his eye gradually began to open wider and wider.  At our last visit the doctor told us that things looked great and that we don't need to see him again until H turns one.  The toticollis is proving trickier.  Essentially, the muscles on the right side of his neck didn't get stretched as well as the ones on his left so he always holds his head tilted.  This can cause several problems, but the ones they see the most are a flattening of one side of the head and vision problems in the opposite side eye.  At physical therapy, they take measurements to test his range of motion and the degree of the head tilt.  They also measure for head flattening and give us exercises to do at home.  In the scheme of things, it's not terrible.  We'll just keep working until it's better.  Just don't be surprised if you see him in a helmet in a couple of months!

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