Monday, August 1, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

Kaden visited a dentist for the first time today. I didn't go in with high hopes, but the boy takes after his Mama...he LOVED it. Rather than being put in an examination chair, Dr. Toppi and the parent sit knee-to-knee; he then asks his tiny patient lay across the impromptu bed. The dentist had a great bedside manner, he spoke to Kaden the entire time explaining each step of what he was doing and my brave boy, Kaden, didn't flinch. He opened his mouth when asked and patiently sat through every step of the examination, staring, in awe, at the doctor. At the end of the visit, Kaden was allowed to pick a toy out of the toychest - he choose "Chinese Fingercuffs" which lasted all of five minutes before they were torn to bits. Who knows why certain things interest him?

Since Kaden's visit, Dr. Toppi has become a staple in our house. Initially we explained to Kaden that Dr. Toppi told us that Kaden should take a turn brushing his teeth, and then he should let Mommy have a go of it. Now, almost every night after we brush Kaden's teeth, he asks that we "call" the dentist and tell him what a great job he did. Sometimes he even adds tidbits from his day, "Big Poopie in Potty," "See Shamu at Sea World," "Going Gammi and Pop's house," etc. The next time we see the dentist, I'm sure he'll be bit shocked at what a large part he plays in our everyday life! Whatever gets the kiddo to brush his teeth though - we're aiming for no cavities and giving Uncle Paul very little work!

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