Monday, May 31, 2010

A Visit Home

On our trip to Kentucky, Kaden met his Ba Thuy and his Uncle Brian. He also discovered ceiling fans which, as you can tell in his photo with Brian, he was obsessed with.

Gammi hosted a lovely get together so that all of our friends could come over and visit with Kaden. Some of my friends were able to bring their children so it ended up being quite the "play date." There were a total of six children there and every single one behaved like perfect angels. I think they loved all of the attention they were getting from their adoring fans!

Gammi and Pop spent a lot of time cuddling with Kaden.

And, Kaden spent some quality time hanging out with his Kentucky friends. He had a short little play-date with Lucy Culbertson - don't they look like they could be siblings with the same red hair and blue eyes?

We also made the trip up to Louisville to visit Sadie and Everett Stuart. It was getting so hot in Kentucky that we spent a lot of time in the kiddie pool. Kaden loved splashing around.

All in all, it was a successful trip home.

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