Friday, May 28, 2010

Nine Months Old

It is not as easy to get our monthly photo now that Kaden is on the move. That's right...he's crawling! Kaden started crawling this past month and he could not be more proud of himself. He loves his new-found independence and is never in the same spot for too long. When he first started figuring it out, he would make a few moves and then look up at us like, "Did you see that? I can move on my own. No more being carried for me, thanks." Now, he makes laps up and down our hallway as though he is practicing for his very own crawl-a-thon.

Our not so little guy is in the 50th percentile for weight and 30th for height...maybe all this crawling will thin him out a little bit?

The second big milestone of month eight was Kaden's first word, "Da-Da." Needless to say, Kevin is over the moon about this development! I am not entirely sure Kaden knows that "Da-Da" means Daddy, but he repeats it ad nauseam. I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE all the babbling!!!

Kaden loves being read to. He is now taking an active interest in his books and even helps turn the pages. We read before each nap and before bedtime. Our book rotation isn't that diverse, but I think he likes it that way; he seems to enjoy stories he has heard before as opposed to new ones. Some of his favorites are Brown Bear Brown Bear (so long as sound effects are made for each animal), I Love You Through and Through, Where is Baby's Belly Button?, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Guess How Much I Love You, Good Night Moon, and Good Night Little Pookie. I have such fond memories of being read to as a child - from picture books when I was very small, to chapter books as I got older. I clearly remember sitting in bed as Dad read Treasure Island, then The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe series. After Dad finished a book, Mom would read one - The Secret Garden, The Little Princess - still some of my favorite stories. I am hopeful Kaden will enjoy this tradition half as much as I did.

Kevin has always been able to make Kaden break into a giggle fit. His newest way to do this is by pretending to scare me. Kevin will hold Kaden and then jump out from behind a corner. I will, in turn, feign surprise. Kaden thinks it is the best thing ever! I can only imagine where this is headed.
Kaden celebrated his nine month birthday in Lexington, KY. Kevin was in Scotland on a golf trip with Papa and Uncle Sean, so Kaden and I decided to trek to Lexington for a visit. Kaden did great on the way there - two flights and then an hour drive from Louisville to Lexington made for a long day, but he did wonderfully. The trip back was a little more challenging. Kaden squirmed all over the place and wanted nothing more than to be out of my arms and able to explore. He is so curious about everything! While we were in Lexington, we had a great visit with friends and family. Ba Noi came down for a quick visit and Kaden had the opportunity to meet his Uncle Brian (Kevin's younger brother) and Ba Thuy (Kevin's aunt). Photos coming soon!!!

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