Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kaden + Lila = True Love

My long-time, best friend, Miriam, and her family, came to town for a visit. They came in for a wedding, but I like to think the main purpose of the trip was to see us. Kaden fell in love with Miriam and Gabriel's daughter, Lila. And who wouldn't? Look at those beautiful big eyes and sweet little smile. My favorite part of their time together was how empathetic Kaden was to Lila's cries. Kaden has been around a lot of crying babies, but none have had the effect that Lila had. Whenever Lila became saddened by something, Kaden would cry right along with her.

The day of the wedding, we packed up and drove to The Grand Del Mar for a day of sun and fun. The kids both loved the pool. Kaden even went under a few times - it didn't phase him. While he came up sputtering, he still had a big smile on his face.

The night of the wedding, the kids stayed with babysitters while the adults went out and enjoyed themselves.

Throughout the weekend, I begged and pleaded with Gabe to quit his job and move to San Diego. He didn't think it was a wise career move, especially while trying to support a wife and child. So, I have decided to make it my new mission in life to find Gabe a job in Southern California. After having a taste of what it would be like to raise my children alongside Miriam's, it is a dream I cannot let go of...especially seeing how much Kaden loves his little Lila!

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