Sunday, March 23, 2014

Harrison - Eight Months

Eight months!  As happy as can be and growing chunkier by the day, our little bundle of love brings light to our life every moment of every day.  His smile and laugh are completely contagious and he gives both out freely.  He continues to love snuggles, being read to, being showered with attention from his big brother, driving with the window down, and sticking just about everything in his mouth.  I'm certain teeth are on their way.  He started making his first sound this month, the G sound.  Everything is "guh" this and "guh" that.  I'm guessing he's going to be a chatterbox, much like his older brother.  He also - FINALLY - dropped middle of night feeding!  He is sleeping soundly from around 7pm until I feed him again around 11pm, and then all the way until 7am.  You can imagine how much more peaceful things are around here!

On the Move! The timing couldn't have been better - as soon as we returned from Hawaii, this little man was on the go.  One morning upon waking up, we sat Harrison down in the living room with all his toys.  Kevin, Kaden, and I were in the kitchen getting breakfast and coffee started when, from around the couch, a little face peeked out.  Before we knew it, Harrison had made his way all the way to the kitchen.  He obviously didn't want to be left along.  Or maybe he just didn't want to miss a meal.  His belly is so big that he's not quite strong enough to get up on all fours, but his army crawl is remarkably speedy.  We call him our little Roomba - he sweeps the floors as he goes.

Speaking of missed meals, this child won't hear of such a thing.  While he was slow to start liking real food, he has now formed a blissful relationship with it.  He can't get enough.

This month also brought Harrison his first bad cold.  It was not a fun ten days for any of us.  Harrison hates having his nose sprayed or suctioned and fights tooth and nail to get me away from him.  He kept his smile through the whole thing though.

Bath time continues to be one of Harrison's favorite times of the day.  Especially when his big brother joins in the fun.  

Some parting shots

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