Friday, February 13, 2015


Gammi and Pop gave Kaden (and ultimately me) the best gift of his short little life, so far.  The Harlem Globetrotters came to town and Kaden was in the second row.  Before the game began, Kaden had the opportunity to meet the players and practice some b-ball drills.  The real magic started when the buzzer sounded.  I'm not sure what Kaden expected, but I don't think he expected the silliness of what he saw.  He was fully engaged in the game, cheering when the Globetrotters scored and groaning when the Nationals tied or pulled ahead.  He was in stitches by both teams ridiculous antics.  And his smile, ear to ear, lasted the entire game and then some.  He loved every second of it and I made some pretty special memories of my little boy and his pure, sweet, innocent joy!

Just a little bit taller

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