Thursday, April 23, 2015


Because Kaden's birthday is so close to the public school cut-off date (3 days before), we decided on one more year of pre-school.  Since most all of his friends at La Jolla Presbyterian Nursery School were moving on to other schools, Kaden spent his last year of preschool at La Jolla United Methodist Church Nursery School.  It was a magical little year full of creating, exploring, playing, and learning. His teachers were kind and loving, and SO excited about their roles as educators.  His classmates were as cute as can be and, even though most of them had been in class together for the past couple of years, they welcomed Kaden with open arms and hearts.  We'll see what happens once Kindergarten starts in the fall, but right now we feel pretty great about our decision.

Recognize that little red-head?
K and his friend, Sajan - the faces of the LJUMCNS in a newspaper advertisement

Kaden showing off all of his creations at Parent Night:

A Rec Center for Bugs - made of wood, leaves, shells, and hot glue

A butterfly's metamorphosis - caterpillar, to chrysalis, to monarch.
close ups of the chrysalis and monarch

A game designed for Parent Night and a "Sparrow Fairy" based on Uncle Paul

Bird of Paradise

Red Tricycle

Bowls made of paper and flowers

Kaden's favorite spot at his school - the garden.  This is him making me a salad of fresh greens

End of the year school party at the Mission Bay Yacht Club

Last Day of School with Miss Tammy and Miss Viviana

Ready for Kindergarten...but first, SUMMER!

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