Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Harrison - Three Months Old

This past month brought us lots of smiles, coos, and snuggles.  

We also enjoyed a visit from Ba Noi and Papa.  They were as taken with our little guy as we are...although it doesn't seem as though we took a photo of them together???

Harrison is a sweet and easy baby.  While he still spits up often, he only cries when he is hungry or overly-tired.  Poor guy is a champ running errands with me.  He doesn't mind the car seat and, in fact, takes most of his naps there (it's funny how people are with their second child).  He's making more sounds but no real "talking" yet.  Every day we are delighted by his big beautiful grin that reminds us of his Dad's.  Big brother is a constant source of entertainment.  Whenever Kaden is in the room, Harrison's eyes are glued to his every move.  We're looking forward to celebrating his first Halloween!

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