Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Kaden is 3!!!  He looked forward to this day for quite some time.  We even put a calendar up on the refrigerator with August 28th circled in red so that he could count down the days until his big day!  When the big day came, he had very specific ideas as to how he wanted to celebrate.  He said he wanted ride the bus to the Birch Aquarium, then he wanted to ride the bus to the fire station, and he wanted to blow out candles on a garbage truck birthday cake.  As for gifts, he requested a trumpet.  Neither Kevin or I have any idea what led to this request???  As with any good birthday, a few surprises were in order.  First, Kaden woke up to a bedroom full of balloons.  Second, even to my surprise, the incredibly nice firemen offered to take Kaden for a ride on the enormous ladder truck.   Both surprises made this little birthday boy the happiest boy in town!

Helping make the cake

Birthday balloons - he was much more excited than the paci shows!

Bus ride to Birch Aquarium

The Aquarium - as an added bonus we got to watch them feed the sharks.

The balloons didn't last too long - he woke up with them in his crib after nap.

The fire station and Kaden's first ride in the fire truck


Cake time!

A trumpet!!

38 " tall - up 3" from last year.  Our baby has grown into a little boy!

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