Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Train Adventure

Like everyone else we look forward to Fridays, and this was a Friday worth looking forward to!  Kaden and I hopped on a train with some friends and chugged up to San Juan Capistrano for the day.  Kaden couldn't have been more excited about his first train ride.  We settled into some seats on the West side of the train and enjoyed the ride up the coast!

We chose San Juan Capistrano because there is a petting zoo directly across from the train station, although immediately after getting off the real train Kaden wanted to try his hand as train conductor of a miniature train. 

We purchased a little basked of carrot sticks that the kids bravely fed to all the animals.  Kaden's favorites were the ostrich, the llamas (he asked which one wore the red pajamas featured in Llama Llama Red Pajama), and the super soft and cuddly bunny rabbits.

The kids LOVED their pony rides - real cowboys/cowgirls in the making - and the mommies got excited about a family vacation at a dude ranch once the little ones aren't so little!

Kaden riding his pony, Shadow.

How does one end a ride with flair?  By celebrating with a post pony ride dance, of course.

Before heading back to San Diego, we stopped for lunch and yummy ice cream cone!  TGIF indeed!!!

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