Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autumn in the Bluegrass

Our week in Lexington turned into two...and not a single person complained about that!

Kaden loved the Children's Garden at the Arboretum.

He also loved the Georgetown Pumpkin Patch.

Kaden took Gammi on a special date to the Lexington Children's Museum.

Even with all the fun activities, Kaden had the most fun playing at Gammi and Pop's house. Picking up sticks in the "hay-barrow" and painting the pumpkin he chose at the patch were two highlights of the trip. Sleeping was a bit of a problem, but he was just having too much fun. His verbal skills increased ten-fold in the two weeks we were in Lexington and he also learned how to blow out a candle - big events in a little life!

Kaden also had fun with friends.
Monkey Joe's with Sadie, Everett, and Lucy - Flirting with Gammi's friends Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Gibson

Clyde Maggard indulged Kaden by showing him some real dig-digs. I don't think Kaden's eyes have ever been so big!

Kaden hitching a ride on a shopping cart and chilling out with George at B&N.

Autumn in the Bluegrass, I'm not sure there's a prettier place on earth.

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