Monday, October 4, 2010

A Tale of Two Monkeys

Mr. Monkey and The Impostor

All the books I read in preparation for Kaden's arrival suggested that babies have a "lovie" that they can take to bed with them. So, the very first baby item I purchased for Kaden was a soft little monkey blanket - "Mr. Monkey" - made by a company called Angel Dear (years ago, I purchased a similar blanket for a friend and, to this day, her son can't go to bed without it). Kaden formed an attachment with Mr. Monkey instantaneously; he makes sure that his snuggle buddy is in his hands prior to getting into bed for naptime or bedtime.

This attachment is so great that it is difficult to find time to wash Mr. Monkey. After discussing this dilemma with some friends, I decided to purchase an identical monkey for Kaden to have while I washed Mr. Monkey or (yikes!) to replace him if lost. I pulled the old switcheroo last week, but my smart little cookie knew I was trying to pull a fast one on him. He squeezed The Impostor up to his face (like he always does), pulled it away, and then pitched it out of the crib looking at me like, "Come on, where is Mr. Monkey?" So, it looks like I will throw Mr. Monkey in the wash whenever we can find a spare hour and keep my fingers crossed that we never ever lose him!

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