Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eleven Months Old

I am so far behind on this month's post because I have been busy working on developing a "Little Pill." A Little Pill is exactly what it sounds like, a pill to give my baby that will make him stay a baby...or at least stretch time so that he doesn't grow so quickly. So far, all efforts have been unsuccessful. My baby is turning into a little boy right before my eyes. I know it happens a little everyday, but when I look at photos from this month it seems as though it happened overnight. All of a sudden, he is a big boy - big boy food, big boy pajamas, big boy antics! The best of these new antics is blowing kisses when he is told, "No." The boy thinks he can get away with anything !

Kaden's personality really exploded this month! It seems as though he has inherited the "class clown" title from his father. Kaden finds everything funny and giggles at the drop of the hat. He even has a different giggle for every occasion - a full fledged laugh for when he is being tickled, a silly little giggle when Dad does something funny or when Mom is having trouble with something (opening a window, carrying too many groceries, fidgeting with the car seat, etc.), and a vibrating chuckle when he does something amusing. He also gives a great big grin whenever he thinks it will make someone return the favor. His favorite game is Peek-A-Boo and he his now the active participant - he will duck down behind a bench and pop up as soon as he hears, "Where's Kaden?" He is delighted when we show our surprise at his re-appearance.

I went into Kaden's room the other day and saw that my baby boy takes up almost the entire crib! He has gotten so big so quickly. I remember when he was so small that he appeared to be only a speck in his great big bed. Now, when he wakes up from naps, he stands at the end of the crib that faces the door and calls for us. He's really becoming his own little person!

Kaden's car is still a big hit. He thinks he is so big riding it around the neighborhood. He steers the wheel, honks the horn, and points to all the other cars as if to say, "Hey, I'm driving one of those too." Actually, this month brought a fascination with vehicles in general. He loves his books about cars and trucks, he loves playing with anything that resembles a vehicle (train, boat, plane, truck), and he is obsessed with the wheels of his stroller. When we are out and about and he sees a fire truck, he stops, points, and emits a squeal. If he hears a helicopter or airplane, he stops and looks to the sky. It's so funny to me that he is drawn to all things "little boy."

Kaden is jabbering up a storm - clearly, he is taking after his father in many ways! Most things he points to are "Ba," but he also says Dada, Mama, Yes, and Bye-bye. I'm not entirely sure that anyone other than me (and sometimes his Dad) can figure out what he is saying, but saying it he is. He's also using his signs - we've taught him how to sign more, all done (or finished), water, hungry, please, and thank you. The only one he has down pat is more - of course, our hungry boy is never finished! Instead of signing thank you, he makes a kiss sound...that works for me!

On our trips to St. Louis and Ocean City, Kaden discovered stairs. All he wanted to do was crawl up and down, up and down, up and down. I was shocked that he seemed to know exactly what he was doing. All I can say is thank goodness we don't have stairs at our house, I would have the strongest thigh muscles around. Hmmm, maybe I do wish we had stairs...

Kaden also enjoys opening and closing doors, especially our front door. Most of the time he remembers that he needs to get out of the way so that the door can swing open and closed, but every now and again he knocks himself down.

He also appears to know how to work the remote control. He's seen his father do this once or twice...or a million trillion times.

Kaden has also learned how to shake his groove thing! Whenever a song comes on that he fancies, he bops about to the beat. My favorite is when we are out shopping and he is bouncing to and fro in the cart!

My little man.

I can hardly believe it has almost been a year since we brought this tiny little bundle home from the hospital. It makes me weepy thinking about how quickly 365 days have past. If anyone comes up with this Little Pill, please let me know as soon as possible! While I love watching him grow, the months are flying by all too fast.

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